The Mission

The mission of the Clark County Republican Party is to elect Republican candidates for public office and support public officials who share, embrace and advance the values of the Republican Party.

Republican Party values include individual liberty, equality of opportunity, the natural rights of all humans including the right of self-defense, respect for our fellow citizens, private property rights, independence, self-reliance, American exceptionalism, limited government, and freedom of religion, all of which are expressed in the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution.

We champion the inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We accomplish this by working together as a community.

Vision for 2022

With your support, the Clark County Republican Party will deliver victory in 2022 by:

  1. Unifying with Purpose
  2. Prioritizing Candidate Recruitment & Development
  3. Swelling our CCRCC membership to 700+ to organize, train & mobilize to beat the Democrats

Executive Board

Jesse Law

Michael Steigman
Vice Chairman

Patrick Casale
Political Director

Sally Minster

Christine DeCorte

Natalie Roach
Community Rel. Dir.

Steven Esh
Precinct Director


  • Gena Bunim (A1)
  • Richard Bunce (A2)
  • Chris Dyer (B1)
  • Anthony Palmer (B2)
  • Kim Fergus (C1)
  • Buzz Boles (C2)
  • Chris Hisgen (D)
  • Zarquis Garcia (D2)
  • Alida Benson (E1)
  • Stan Vaughan (E2)
  • Erica Neely (F1)
  • Kathy Njus (F2)
  • Robert Kaul (G1)
  • Nicole Kamin (G2)

How does the Clark County Republican Party work with the Nevada State Republican Party?

The purpose of the Clark County Republican Party is to focus on grassroots issues.

The Nevada State Republican Party receives some funding from a national level and may help the County-level Parties in some ways. It is not their main role to help Republicans with local-grassroots issues.

Both the county and state-level organizations can (and should) do fundraising as well as support Republican candidates and each other in their respective areas.

How Republicans are Organized in Clark County & Nevada

All registered voters are divided into Precincts depending upon population density, then by county Commission Districts, then by County, and finally by State.

There are also various geographic divisions for election purposes including: 

Use these links to find your Precinct, Commission District and Elected Officials
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